Walk-In Tubs of New Orleans

Is it Time to buy a Walk in Bathtub?

Is bathroom accessibility turning into an issue for you or a loved one? If so then there are several bathroom alterations you can have handled that will make a favorable solution. Among the most promoted options is to replace the regular tub with a walk-in tub.

Rewards related to a Walk-in Bathtub

A walk in tub is a better accessible tub with an in-built bench and a water tight door. The lower threshold helps to make entering and exiting safer for the user.

Walkin bathtubs are optimal for people that have a problem with standing up for a longer period of time but are still capable of stepping over the lower threshold.

Walk in bathtubs come with an array of different traits. The following are a few of the top elements to consider when picking out a walk-in bathtub:

Doors for Walk in Tubs

Walk in bathtubs could be created with either inward-swinging or outward-swinging doors. Smaller sized bathrooms will certainly necessitate an inward-swinging door which might render it a little more difficult to maneuver inside the tub. In a larger bathroom where space is not an issue, an outward-swinging door supplies ease of entry and exit.

Types of Walk in Bathtubs

Walk-in tubs may be chosen in several distinct formats to please the user, including the simple soaker tub or a jet therapy tub. Two sorts of therapeutic walk-in tubs include water jets or air jets.

Rapid Fill and Drain

Rapid fill and drain will lessen the length of time you need to wait for the bathtub to fill up and the amount of time you must sit in it before opening up the door to step out of the tub. Waiting an extensive time for the bathtub to fill and drain is not just bothersome, but it can get a little cool. Due to the innovative technology of quick-filling nozzles and pump-assisted draining you can dramatically lessen the waiting time.

Heated Seats for Walk-in bathtubs

Walk in tubs normally feature an installed, bench. You can also indulge in the additional feature of a heated seat, even more so when you are waiting for the tub to fill or drain.

No matter which format of walk-in bathtub you buy there are a few crucial aspects to ponder:

Accessibility and Mobility with a Walk in Tub

Bear in mind your personal special mobility issues and the overall size of your bathroom to ensure there is enough allowance for you to safely and effortlessly navigate. Other points to think about are leg room and seat height. Also ensure the entrance door offers ample space for you to comfortably get in and out of the bathtub.

Safety Characteristics with Walk in Bathtubs

  • Sturdy bars and rails for safer entry and exit
  • Anti-scald taps to prevent getting burned
  • Textured flooring to minimize the risk of slipping

Service warranty on Walk in Bathtubs

The reliability and stability of your walk in tub must be backed by a really good manufacturer warranty, above all, the guarantee with the door seal.

Professional Installation of a Walk-in Tub

As a result of the multiple skilled factors regarding installing a walk in bathtub, it is practical and more cost effective to have one contractor perform the work. HandyPro is a licensed expert and Aging in Place Specialist that can take care of all the details including the plumbing related, electrical work, and framing work necessary to install a walk in tub that will meet your various needs.